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Russia continues its destructive escalation into Ukraine: UNESCO has verified that nearly 100 culturally important sites in Ukraine have been damaged; artillery shells have hit or ruined libraries, publishing houses and bookstores, schools, and universities.

Ukrainian publishers, writers, illustrators, and the whole Ukrainian literary community are on the frontline. They serve in the army or territorial defense, helping as volunteers, or try to escape from intensive shelling.

We are standing for the freedom, democracy, and cultural diversity of the whole world.

We are standing for the right of the writers, artists, and intellectuals to create, express, and share the experience of war and crimes against humanity.

StandWithUkraine and help us:

  • Give a voice to Ukrainian writers, artists, intellectuals and journalists – so they can tell the truth about the war in Ukraine
  • Recover, where possible, from the impact of war crimes
  • Support Ukrainian writers, illustrators and artists
  • Share the experience of running a creative business / supporting, rebuilding, protecting, defending, sharing and rethinking Ukrainian culture
  • Suggest professional and balanced texts to tell the truth, instead of Russian propaganda

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Online quarterly events with prominent Ukrainian and international writers (from the literature and publishing spheres)
Early access to articles
A monthly newsletter with the most important news and articles
A personal curator's advice on books to read

Our projects

A program for publishers and literary agents, designed to inspire international interest in Ukrainian books, and to enable Ukrainian publishers to start or increase exporting Ukrainian works by establishing direct contacts with foreign partners.
Online showcase (Vitryna novynok) with the most representative new books from Ukrainian publishers. Since 2015 this showcase has been working twice a year – at the Book Arsenal and Book Forum international festivals. This new books showcase was designed to present new books and writers, and to make it easier to search for new editions, classified by curators.
Online BarCamp was a networking and discursive conference covering urgent topics in the book publishing sector. How to be visible and useful out of your own bubble? Where can you find new partners for collaborations? How can European experience of dealing with a new reality be implemented for other markets?
A large-scale Ukrainian project aimed at representing the current publishing market and readers’ preferences, and, in doing so, provide objective information that can influence the policies of both cultural institutions and publishers, as well as assisting in promoting the Ukrainian publishing market abroad in an attractive (infographic) format.
A professional program for book publishing took place during the international festival 'Book Arsenal in Ukraine', supported by the British Council. The aim of the program is to present ideas for how the book publishing market can develop. Among the discussed topics were: mobility of independent publishing, gamification, remote work, and how to understand and use statistic data.

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