10 best books for Christmas mood


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New or classic – books about Christmas will put you in a festive mood. We’ll tell you about the best and most atmospheric ones. 

Fannie Flagg. A Redbird Christmas (Random House) 

In the southernmost corner of Alabama, a small town is home to wonderful people. Each of them has their own losses and emotional scars hidden under the cover of everyday worries. But the town’s life changes as a reserved man from Chicago and one little girl appear. Several Christmas miracles will happen and move you to tears.

Courtney Cole. The Christmas Dress (HarperCollins Publishers)

A heartwarming story about how seemingly unfavorable circumstances can change life for the better. Fashionista Meg is forced to return to her native Chicago to take over the business of her deceased father, who managed an apartment building. Unexpectedly, Meg makes a wonderful friendship with one of the tenants and celebrates the best Christmas of her life.

Maggie Knox. The Holiday Swap (G. P. Putnam’s Sons)

A romantic story about two twin sisters who swap jobs and personalities on Christmas Eve. The owner of a small family bakery will have to become a star of a TV show, and her famous sister will try to run the family business. Each will face interesting challenges and, of course, romantic adventures.

Fredrik Backman. The Deal of a Lifetime (Atria Books)

A book that has already become a modern Christmas classic. Backman used all his ability to convey a simple but important truth. With the story of a father and son who have not seen each other for a long time and have to rebuild their relationship, the writer reminds us that a person has only one life and it should be used wisely, listening to the voice of the heart. 

Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas  (Outspoken)

Christmas and a detective? Why not! The brilliant detective Hercule Poirot takes part in the investigation of the murder of millionaire Simeon Lee, which happened on Christmas Eve. Before that, having gathered all his family in the mansion, Simeon Lee stirred up more than one family secret, and therefore exposed himself to danger. A fanciful and unpredictable work of Agatha Christie, which can take you away even from eating Christmas sweets.

R. R Tolkien. Letters From Father Christmas (William Morrow)

For many years, an outstanding British writer sent his children letters from Father Christmas. They told funny stories from his life at the North Pole. A very sweet, kind book that proves that miracles in this world are created not by fairy-tale heroes, but by people’s loving hearts. 

Jasmine Guillory. Royal Holiday (Berkley)

A very romantic and very Christmassy love story of two adults who unexpectedly meet each other and start a beautiful relationship, even though she is from the USA and he is from the UK. The story unfolds in the surroundings of the royal court, which adds a special atmosphere.

Josie Silver. One Day in December (Ballantine Books)

A romantic comedy that will add special warmth and faith in love to the Christmas holidays. Laurie and Jack fall in love with each other at first sight. But it will take a dozen years before they can be together. A touching book about a relationship that will stand the test of time and numerous life surprises.

Hazel Gayno. Last Christmas in Paris (William Morrow)

A novel in letters that will touch, enchant and certainly provide hours of pleasant reading. During World War I, London aristocrat Evie Elliott sees off her brother and his best friend Thomas to the front. Hoping to celebrate Christmas and the victory in the war in Paris in six months, the young people do not know that fate has prepared a completely different scenario for them. But whatever the surprises of life, Evie and Thomas will have letters to each other and the love that was born in them.  

Susan Mallery. The Christmas Wedding Guest (HQN Books)

It is hard to imagine a more romantic Christmas story than Susan Mallery’s novel. The plot revolves around the sisters Reggie and Dena. They both have established lives, in which, unfortunately, there is no love. But holidays exist to bring miracles. So Santa will give perfect men and absolute happiness to the sisters. 

Bonus: Yaroslav Hrytsak, Nadiyka Gerbish. A Ukrainian Christmas (Sphere)

To understand what Ukraine is so bravely fighting for, experiencing a full-scale war with Russia, one should know its traditions and cultural features. This beautifully illustrated book tells about the festive customs, rituals of the Ukrainian people, which contain so much wisdom, beauty and inner light.


Edited by Jared Goyette