Meridian Czernowitz

Details of the ХІV Meridian Czernowitz Poetry Reading have been announced


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The XIV International Poetry Reading Meridian Czernowitz will take place Sept. 8-10 in Chernivtsi, one of Western Ukraine’s cultural centers.

The readings will be attended by both famous and young poets from Austria, Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Ukraine. The program includes literary readings, presentations of new books, public discussions, wine and book tastings.

This year’s Meridian Czernowitz will focus on presentations of 2023 most important poetry and prose books written about Russia’s war against Ukraine by authors who serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine or are engaged in volunteer activities: “Job’s Call Sign: Chronicles of the Invasion” by Oleksandr Mykhed, the anthology “Martial law: Anthology” compiled by Andriy Lyubka and Yevhenia Lopata, poetry collections “[dasein: defense of presence]” by Yaryna Chornohuz and “Broken People” by Kateryna Mikhalitsyna, a collection of documentary war prose “Point Zero” by Artem Chekh (reprinted in 2023) and Serhiy Zhadan’s new poetry collection “Skrypnykivka.”

Book’o’Wine wine and book tastings will also be a part of this year’s Meridian Czernowitz International Poetry Reading. Book’o’Wine will have a wine tasting and literary program including “Wine and Poetry Evening” with Igor Pomerantsev, “Stories Told with a Glass. The Newest Pages of the Future Prose” by Yuriy Andrukhovych, presentation of new collection of short fiction “Burchak” by Taras Prokhasko, public conversation with Serhiy Zhadan and Serhiy Stakhovsky “War. Culture. Sport. Wine.” Wine and treats will be presented by Ukrainian wineries and winemakers.


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Meridian writers and volunteers Serhiy Zhadan and Andriy Lyubka will collect donations for the needs of Armed Forces of Ukraine at the time of XIV Meridian Czernowitz.

The full program of events will be published soon.


The International Poetry Festival Meridian Czernowitz is a yearly event built on the foundation of the cultural heritage of Chernivtsi, a product of the genetic and historical memory of its inhabitants. Despite Russia’s full-scale invasion the event was also held in 2022.