A mini-museum of Ukrainian alphabet was created in Germany


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Ukrainian designer Kateryna Korolevtseva opened a museum of Ukrainian letters created by prominent graphic artists, called UKRAINIAN LETTERS MUSEUM. The exhibition was held in the German city of Weimar in the exhibition window opposite the Bauhaus Museum.


“One day I thought “What if I create my own museum?”. This became the key idea of the project. In addition, this year is declared the Year of Language in Weimar. After the outbreak of a full-scale war, millions of Ukrainians have become even more aware of the importance of the Ukrainian language and its spread. I am not an exception. Therefore, my mission was to acquaint as many people as possible with Ukrainian culture and language, to show them the beauty and diversity of the Ukrainian alphabet and to bring them closer to the realization that letters are not only a tool for visual expression of language. Letters are art,” the designer said.


The exhibition, which lasted 1 month, presented 33 letters of the Ukrainian alphabet. These are the revived works of 33 prominent Ukrainian graphic artists. The letters were found on old book covers and other printed materials created from 1917, the time of the Ukrainian National Republic, to the present day of Independent Ukraine.


“It was not difficult to create the letters. It was difficult to choose 33 letters that would be unusual, interesting and created by 33 different artists. It was easy to choose Hnizdovsky, Dmytrenko, Lisovskyi… 33 different artists was a challenge. There were many options, I redid some letters several times, found more original options, redid them again,” Korolevtseva says.


You can find all letters and the history of the artists on the project website.


In March, Polish designers Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska, Alina Rybacka-Gruszczynska and Aga Kotowska created the initiative “33 Letters for Ukraine” to support Ukrainians.


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Source: Telegraph Design


Photos: 11m3 projektraum