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Insight UA launches to introduce Ukrainian culture to international audiences


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The Ukrainian Institute has launched the online platform Insight UA, a guide to Ukrainian culture, personalities and events covering various cultural fields. 


The platform covers various cultural fields. You are free to choose any form of exploring which suits you best: collections of Ukrainian movies, exhibitions and books; listening to playlists, taking one of the online courses and many other options.



Alim Aliev, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Institute, described the projet on his Facebook page:

“Today foreigners have a great interest in getting familiar with Ukraine and Ukrainian culture. That is the reason the Ukrainian Institute launches Ukrainian culture, personalities and events guide in the English language. The platform introduces Ukrainian music, literature, theater, movie, visual art, Crimea and analytical works,” he noted.


“Russian war against Ukraine” is a sections of the guide featuring projects on related to Russia’s aggression and Ukranian resistance. Readers can learn about Freedom Square in Kharkiv, the Lysychansk gymnasium, the Cathedral of St. Petro Mohyla in Mariupol, as well as read about Ukrainian creatives and artists who are defending the country at the frontline — set designer Dmytro Kostiumynskyi, film director Olena Maksyom, poet Yaryna Chornohuz and cultural manager Yurii Vovkohon.


Insight UA also has separate articles about Ukrainian artists, curators, art spaces, cultural institutions and initiatives, and therefore it will be useful for international partners who are keen to start cooperation and want to know more about Ukrainian cultural actors.


“There’s even greater interest in understanding Ukraine, and it requires new efficient tools. Insight UA makes it possible to easily and with joy find out about artists, institutions and projects in Ukrainian culture, both for professionals and other interested people,” noted Tetyana Filevska, creative director of the Ukrainian Institute.


We would like to remind you that in 2022 the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation launched the Cultural Space platform aimed at supporting Ukrainian culture in extremely challenging conditions.


Read more about Ukrainian culture, and culture of reading and book publishing in Ukraine in particular, on the English version of Chytomo.


Image: the Ukrainian Institute