Oles Honchar Kherson regional library struck again in Russian attack


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Russia  launched another missile attack on Kherson on the night of Nov. 12 causing severe damage to the Oles Honchar Kherson regional universal scientific library, according to Facebook post (text in Ukrainian) by Tetyana Teren, PEN Ukraine Executive Director.


The Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library, commonly known as “Honcharivka,” is the largest library in the Kherson Oblast and holds the most extensive book collection among regional libraries in Ukraine. Prior to the full-scale invasion, its collections encompassed approximately one million volumes in 45 languages.



According to information (text in Ukrainian) in Telegram channel by Oleksandr Prokudin, the Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, library premises caught a fire and it took an hour and a half for rescuers to put it out. The library was badly damaged. Later, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported (text in Ukrainian) on its Telegram channel that while firemen were fighting the blaze, Russian forces fired at the library several more times.


“Enemy continued shelling and rescuers had to proceed with putting the fire out,” said the representative of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.


This is not the first time that Russians are shelling this library. On Oct. 31, Russian military tank shelling devastated the library’s fourth floor, resulting in extensive damage to books, ceilings, and flooring. Previously, in August 2023, an attack by the occupiers struck a section on the third floor, causing significant harm to the structure.


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Image: Tetyana Teren’s Facebook page