Online bookstore of Ukrainian literature launched in the USA and Canada


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An online bookstore of Ukrainian literature, Ukrainian Pages, has been launched in the United States and Canada. The founders of the project told Chytomo about it.

“For the Ukrainian language, just as for the book, there should be no borders. We offer a wide selection of quality literature in the USA and Canada. Our goal is to provide readers with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite works in Ukrainian, promote the craftsmanship of Ukrainian authors, and the quality of Ukrainian publishing beyond the borders of the Country that changes the world,” the project founders say.


The bookstore offers books in Ukrainian and English. Among the genres offered:


  • Classic fiction;
  • Crime & Thrillers;
  • Gothic & Horror;
  • Historical fiction;
  • Humor;
  • Comics;
  • Modern fiction;
  • Myths & Fairytales;
  • Poetry & Drama;
  • Science fiction & Fantasy;
  • Romance;
  • Ancient history;
  • Art, Language & Essays;
  • Biography & Memoir;
  • Eyewitness & Reportage;
  • Medieval & Renaissance;
  • Military history;
  • Modern history;
  • Philosophy & Religion;
  • Psychology & Self-development;
  • Science & Natural history;
  • Travel & Exploration;
  • Children’s fairy tales;
  • Children’s fiction;
  • For the smallest;
  • Young adults;
  • Children’s cognitive literature;
  • Tutorial;
  • Stories.



“We are still very small, but we have big bright ambitions, grandiose plans and confidence that our work is needed. At your request, we have added an age and language filter to our website, and we are open to new suggestions, requests, and comments. Feedback is extremely important to us, because this is what brings us to a better result,” the project creators say.


The cost of books ranges from $3 to $46.


Orders over $50 include delivery at the bookstore’s expense. The bookstore does not use plastic in its packaging (except for the protective film from publishers on some books).


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Featured image: screenshot of the site