The Ukrainian Book Institute announced an open call for the Translate Ukraine program


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Translation funding of up to EUR 8,000 is available for publishers interested in publishing Ukrainian literature in translation. The Program covers various expenses, including the cost of rights acquisition, translation, copy editing, layout, and the creation of the digital version of the book.


This year, priority is given to classical and contemporary Ukrainian literature, with a particular emphasis on literature addressing Russia’s war against Ukraine and decolonization, as well as the history of Ukraine in different periods and its culture, traditions, daily life, and the related topics.


The submitted translation projects of the contemporary or classical Ukrainian literature, including texts in the public domain, should be: 


  • written in Ukrainian 
  • published by a Ukrainian publisher as of the date of application 
  • fully completed and scheduled for publication by the end of 2024 
  • planned for publication with a print run of at least 300 copies


The Program will not cover translations of Ukrainian literary works that have already been translated and published in a specific foreign language in a relevant country. Additionally, it will not support translations of works that are not intended for the general public, as well as translations created or intended to be created through a pivot language.


The request for funds must be submitted by March 10, 2024.


To find out more about eligibility criteria and apply, click here.


Over the last three years, books by Serhii Zhadan, Sofia Andrukhovych, Stanislav Aseyev, Artem Chekh, Andrii Liubka, Romana Romanyshyn & Andrij Lesiv, and other Ukrainian authors have been published in 34 countries around the world.


Click here for the list of books published within the Translate Ukraine Program between 2020 and 2023. 


Translate Ukraine aims to enhance the visibility of Ukraine and Ukrainian literature internationally, promote Ukrainian authors worldwide, and facilitate access to Ukrainian literary works for foreign readers. The Program uses funds from Ukraine’s government budget to partially cover the expenses related to translating and promoting Ukrainian literature into other languages.


Translate Ukraine was established at the Ukrainian Book Institute in 2020. Since its inception, the program has facilitated the translation of 176 Ukrainian books into various languages worldwide. In 2022, the program was disrupted by Russia’s extensive invasion of Ukraine, leading to its cancellation for that year.