Two Ukrainians win awards at EuroCon 2022


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Yuriy Shevela and Pavlo Derevianko received awards at this year’s LuxCon, the Ukrainian science fiction project Star Fortress has announced.

Hall of Fame

Awarded for general achievement in the field of science fiction. 


Best Artist:


  • Igor Kordej (Croatia)
  • Roch Urbaniak (Poland)


Best Author:


  • Francesco Verso (Italy) 


Best Publisher:


  • Hangar 7 (Croatia)
  • Copernicus Corporation (Poland)


Best Promoter:


  • Yuriy Shevela (Ukraine)


Yuri Shevela is the head of the collection of science fiction and space memorabilia of the Serhiy Korolyov Space Flight Museum in Zhytomyr, the organizer of many SF&F and space events in Kyiv and around the world. In addition, he is an outstanding bibliographer of Ukrainian fiction and fantasy—the author of the YouTube channel Livejournal.


Best Magazine:


  • Sci Phi Journal – A Universe of Wonder (Hungary)


Best Translator:


  • Jack Fennel (Ireland)


Achievement Awards

Awarded for a work created between a previous and current EuroCon 


Best Work of Art:


  • Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier), cover art for John Scalzi’s trilogy The Interdependency (France)


Best Written Work of Fiction:


  • Francesco Verso Futurespotting – collection of stories (Italy)


Best Dramatic Presentation:


  • Storytellers by Will Sliney, comic series (Ireland)


Best Fanzine:


  • Présences d’esprit, 105 (France)


Best Work for Children:


  • Marta Ignerska Świat Lema (The World of Lem) (Poland)


Best Internet Publication:


  • The National Leprechaun Museum Talking Stories podcast (Ireland)


Chrysalis Award


Best debut artists 


    • Eleanor Bardilac (Austria) 
    • Victoria Beshliiska (Bulgaria) 
    • Saul Pandelakis (France) 
    • Josh O’Caoimh (Ireland) 
    • Maxime Weber (Luxembourg) 
    • Ligia Pârvulescu  (Romania) 
    • Ragim Dzhafarov / Рагим Джафаров (Russia) 
    • Stefan Dahlström (Sweden) 
    • Pavlo Derevianko (Ukraine) 
    • Elle McNicoll (United Kingdom)


Pavlo Derevianko is a writer and professional Arabic translator. His debut dark fantasy novel Arkan of the Wolves, with elements of steampunk and alternative history, was published in 2019 by Chimeras House Publisher. It is the first novel in The Chronicle of the Gray Order trilogy. That autumn, the author did a motorcycle tour of Ukraine to promote his book.    


The book became a bestseller. Vovkulaka publishing house also announced the release of the graphic novel Kruk by artist Anastasia Kobenko. It was based on Pavlo Derevianko’s novel and was available online.   


EuroCon is an annual science fiction festival. It was founded in 1972 and was held in Dudelange, Luxembourg on April 7-10, 2022.  


This year, 5 artists from Ukraine reached the EuroCon finals.


LuxCon removed the delegate voting, award nomination rights and convention bids from Russia and Belarus.



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