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H.G. Wells. The Invisible Man

Wells H.G.
The Invisible Man ; The Time Machine / H.G. Wells. — Kyiv : Znannia, 2018. — 288 p. — (English Library).
ISBN 978-617-07-0594-5

The book comprises two best-known novels by the English science-fiction writer Herbert George Wells (1866—1946) in which the author aims at showing possible ways of the development of science and engineering and their influence on the fate of mankind and of an individual human being. In his novel “The Invisible Man”, a talented scientist Griffin after many years’ scientific research opened up a secret of transforming a human being into an invisible man. In the novel “The Time Machine” the hero carries out a flight through time from the present to the far future. The writer demonstrates that the development of science and engineering radically changes the world, the conditions of labour and the resources of a man and his own self. But is it possible to make the human race happy without moral perfection of a man and society?

Номер стенду: Галерея №038, палатка №57

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