10% of Ukrainian publishers have been forced to relocate


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Only 2.4% of Ukrainian publishers have been forced to leave Ukraine and work abroad as a result of russia’s full-scale invasion. This according to a survey by the Chytomo project How are Ukrainian publishers working during war.

Meanwhile, 7.3% of those surveyed have fully relocated to a different city in Ukraine. 


Some publishers are opening offices abroad. Chas Maistriv Publishing House has opened a branch in Krakow, Poland. 


Most publishers, including those in Ukraine and abroad, are working remotely.  


«We have reduced the production of audiobooks to a minimum and are mostly finishing those that we started before the escalation of the war. We are recording at partner studios in different cities and at the readers’ home studios. The editing is being done by sound directors at their home workstations. The team is working completely remotely from different cities in Ukraine and abroad. Some of them stayed in Kyiv», — say Abuk Publishing House.


54.9% of publishers didn’t change their locations, while 35.4% partially moved to another city. 


The following publishers or their employees are working abroad: Smaki, Compas, Smoloskyp, Creative Women Publishing, HK-Bohdan, Komora, Mamino, Laboratoria, Nebo BookLab Publishing, Bookraine Publishing House, Kalamar, Duh i Litera, Shkola, and others.


«We are in a relatively safe place – Chernivtsi, so we have not stopped our activities and continue them in full»,say Books XXI


«The team of Creative Women Publishing is returning to active work on all projects. Despite the fact that the team is now geographically dispersed (part of it is in Ukraine and part abroad), everyone is in touch», — say Creative Women Publishing.


The full report on the book publishing market survey during the war can be found on the website of the Chytomo project


The online survey of 81 publishers from across Ukraine was held on March 26 – April 8, 2022.


The Ukrainian Book Institute, supported by the Federation of European, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to print Ukrainian children’s books abroad. 


A logistics center is being setup near Vienna where 500,000 books and textbooks will be sent from Ukraine to be distributed to Ukrainian refugees.