Bilingual education to be introduced in Ukrainian schools


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As part of the secondary education reform, the Ministry of Education and Science plans to introduce bilingual (Ukrainian and English) education in high school.


Oleh Yeresko, Director General of the Directorate of Preschool, School, Extracurricular and Inclusive Education at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, told DOM TV channel about it.


It is about bilingual teaching of those subjects that students will choose as their specialty.


“We are planning that in high school, the specialized subject will be taught bilingually. We have to ensure that our children master English properly, because it is the language of scientists, programmers…,” the official said.


Oleh Yeresko noted that the development of bilingual education is included in the Education 4:0: Ukrainian Dawn program, which provides for a large-scale reform of the Ukrainian education system.


As a reminder, the number of Ukrainians who oppose the study of Russian in schools has increased by more than 40% in 4 years


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Photo: Freepik