Captive Azovstal defender won the gold prize at a photo exhibition in Paris


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Azov soldier Dmytro Kozatsky, alias “Orest”, who is now hold in russian captivity received both gold and silver at the photo exhibition in Paris for a series of images from Azovstal plant The Light Will Win. This was announced at the website of the Prix de la Photographie Paris exhibition.

Dmytro Kozatsky received the first prize in the category Press/War, and the second prize in the category Press.


“Everyone saw these photos from Azovstal. Their author Dmytro Kozatsky is now in captivity. Just tweeted a request. While he is in captivity, send these photos to all possible journalistic and photo contests. It is important! It is important that the whole world once again sees the heroes of Ukraine defending their land to the last,” stated at the website.


Dmytro Kozatsky posted his farewell pictures from Azovstal plant on May 20.

He also asked to send those pictures to journalistic and photo contests.


“If I win anything, I’ll be pleased after returning home. Thank you all for support. See you,” he tweeted.


It shall be reminded, that Ukrainian journalists received the 2022 Knight International Journalism Award for their coverage of Mariupol siege; and journalists Mstyslav Chernov and Yevgeniy Maloletka received the 2022 Georgy Gongadze Prize.


Photos: Dmytro Kozatsky