English-language book about the resilience of Ukrainians raised almost three times as much money


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The international fundraising on the Kickstarter platform for the publication of “Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery” has been completed.


In a month from the start of the collection, instead of the expected $10000, they managed to raise $28878.


According to the creators, the book will be the world’s first large illustrated publication about the true causes of the war and the superhuman feats of the Ukrainian people. The publication contains 500+ facts about the Russian-Ukrainian war. “Unheard insights and bombastic illustrations. A book that will captivate both students and the President,” the annotation reads.

The English version is being developed by the creative agency Green Penguin and the animation publishing house Books & Cartoons with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


According to Dmytro Kuleba, this is a very necessary publication to fight on the international information front.


Green Penguin Creative Agency is a creative agency with 11 years of experience in media. The company’s projects include social advertising, creative book publications in different languages, design for international events, animated series production, etc. The agency’s own author’s project is the book and animated series “Travel book. Ukraine”.


As reported, in 2020, the animated series based on the “Travel book. Ukraine” became part of the All-Ukrainian Online School program.


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