Shevchenko National Prize

Laureate of the Shevchenko Prize in Literature becomes a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense


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Dmytro Lazutkin, a renowned Ukrainian poet and the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Shevchenko Prize, the highest state award in Ukraine for achievements in culture and the arts, has taken on the role of a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.


In a comment to the media outlet UPCulture (Ukrainska Pravda), Dmytro Lazutkin explained that he joined the Ukrainian Army in 2023 and received an assignment to the Ministry of Defense while serving in the 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade.


Lazutkin mentioned that he went through a selection process and was chosen among other candidates. He emphasized the importance of teamwork within the Ministry of Defense: “Here I work with a well-known poet and diplomat Mykola Kulinich and Roman Vintoniv (the TV-presenter and screenwriter – Chytomo), who now serves as the deputy head of the Press Office of the Ministry of Defense reporting to Illarion Pavlyuk (the bestselling Ukrainian author – Chytomo). I enjoy working with these professionals who understand the press, handle words very carefully, and have been friendly to me,” he said.


Dmytro Lazutkin is a Ukrainian poet, journalist, and television producer. He is the recipient of the 2024 National Taras Shevchenko Prize. His latest book is “Bookmarked” (Lviv: Old Lion Publishing House, 2022). Lazutkin is also a sports TV presenter and commentator who has covered the Olympic Games in Beijing, Vancouver, and London. His athletic accomplishments include a bronze medal in kickboxing and kick-jitsu at the World Cup, and he holds the title of Ukrainian champion in Cossack duel, a national martial art.