Ukraine only literary and translation festival delayed; requires financial support


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The sole literary and translation festival slated to take place in Ukraine has been delayed, with funding challenges cited as the primary reason for the postponement.

The sixth literary and translation festival TRANSLATORIUM was supposed to take place in the city of Khmelnytskyi at the end of September, as it has since 2017, but has now been pushed back to Oct. 27-28.


“The TRANSLATORIUM team has been working on the festival program on a volunteer basis since February, and we have applied for various programs of support. Today, the festival organizers have received several rejections from the donors they were counting on which means the festival can’t be held when it was planned. There will be more opportunities for events at the end of October instead,” the organizers said in a Facebook post announcing the shift.


 The festival’s topic — through silence to conversation — will not be changed, and the format of events will still be the same: discussions, lectures, book presentations, meetings with translators, and art and musical projects. The full program will be announced on Oct. 5.


If you would like to support the festival as an individual, you can:

  • Buy festival’s merch
  • Donate for systematic work of the festival’s team using monobank
  • Donate for festival’s team once or arrange permanent support with the help of buymeacoffee initiative


TRANSLATORIUM is Ukraine’s only literature and translation festival dedicated to literary translation and International Translator’s Day. The festival’s mission is to promote literature and translation by holding a cultural event in order to contribute to the development of the professional community and all its individual members. 


In 2022, TRANSLATORIUM presented a Ukrainian program at the translation festival translationale berlin in Germany.