Lyubov Yakimchuk was nominated for the Emerging Europe Awards


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Ukrainian writer, poet, and screenwriter Lyubov Yakimchuk has been nominated for the Emerging Europe Awards for her collection Apricots of Donbas and her poem Prayer. The poet wrote about this on her Facebook page.


The writer was nominated in the People. Artistic Achievement category.


“This award covers different areas of life. Previously, it was awarded to film director Agnieszka Holland or former British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rinkind, and even our app Diia, because there’s also an IT section. In general, there is more business and the public sector there, and not much literature,” the author said.


The voting will last until May 7.



Apricots of Donbas is a collection of stories about the experience of war and a view of Donbas through the writer’s worldview. In 2022, Yakimchuk performed at the 64th Grammy Awards with the poem Prayer from this book.


The collection was published by the Old Lion Publishing House in the summer of 2015. The publication was included in the rating of “10 best Ukrainian books about the ATO” according to the Ukrainian Forbes. Recently, the Old Lion has published the second, amended and supplemented edition of Apricot of Donbas.


As a reminder, in October 2021, Apricots of Donbas was published in two languages, in English and in the original, by the American publishing house Lost Horse Press. The collection was also previously translated into Polish and Estonian.


Image: The Old Lion