Ukrainian indie rock band Vivienne Mort pays tribute to fallen soldier Maksym Kryvtsov with new song


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The Ukrainian indie rock band Vivienne Mort released a song titled “Don’t You Go Here, Don’t You Go” inspired by the poem of the fallen poet and soldier Maxim Kryvtsov. The band’s vocalist, Daniela Zayushkina, revealed that she knew Maxim Kryvtsov, who had a tattoo with a quote from one of her songs. 


“Maksym’s friends sent me a collection of his poems. I read the first poem, sang the second one, and it turned into a song. In eternal memory of the Ukrainian warrior-poet,” she wrote. 


You can listen to the song and watch the music video here:



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The indie-rock band Vivienne Mort was founded by Daniela Zayushkina in Kyiv in 2007. On January 17, 2020, the band made it to the final round of the competition for the Shevchenko Prize in Musical Art category. After 2022, the band actively participates in fundraising for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Editing: Tanya Mykhaylychenko