Olga Tokarchuk

Olga Tokarchuk: An attack on a free Ukraine is an attack on Europe


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Writer and Nobel Laureate in Literature Olga Tokarchuk expresses support for Ukraine. She announced this on her Facebook page.

«I will repeat my words: I would like to bow low to the Ukrainians brutally attacked by the Moscow regime, and although there are no words for such barbarism, I want to express my – our – solidarity, support and inspiration. For me, an attack on a free Ukraine is an attack on Europe», – she wrote.



Olga Tokarchuk (1962) – a Polish writer of Ukrainian origin, essayist, public figure, psychologist, screenwriter, Nobel Laureate 2018, Booker Prize winner. Her books have been translated into more than forty languages, and some of her works have been filmed and staged by Polish theaters.


In 2020, she created a Foundation, which aims to support Polish and world culture and art in Poland and abroad, as well as to promote and support the protection of human rights, democracy, civil society, civil liberties, environment and anti-discrimination, women’s rights, and support for the comprehensive development of Poland.


Olga Tokarchuk has previously written about Ukraine. Her books are published in Ukrainian by «Tempora» and «Urbino» publishing houses. They were translated from Polish by Ostap Slyvynsky, Viktor Dmytruk and Bozhena Antonyak.


It must be noted that the Polish PEN Club appealed to the Ukrainian PEN because of the full-scale invasion of Russia.