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Publisher’s website: we care about representation, readers and security


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Social media presence and good web-sites became essential for publishers back in the days of lockdown. It was the only way for communication with their readers as well as an important platform for book selling. In 2020, online sales of Ukrainian publishers grew by 30%, and for some the gain reached 400%. Unfortunately, the war aggravated the process, since there are less and less offline means of interaction with the clients. Thus, convenient and user-friendly website is getting a must. And now it is not only about Ukrainian readers, but also about the foreign ones who get more and more interested in Ukrainian books. And this is an opportunity not to be missed.

We asked Liubomyr Oliinyk, IT expert and the founder of siteGist web-agency, about what a modern publisher’s website should be like so that it wouldn’t seem outdated and meet both Ukrainian and foreign readers’ needs. And, as a bonus, there are some pieces of advice from SEO specialists and digital security experts.

What issues should publisher’s website cover? 

Every publisher’s work revolves around books. Cool books from interesting writers are the reason people are reaching a publisher. So, high-quality and effective representation and selling of books is the key purpose of any website.


Website is an official online representation of a publisher. Thus, you should show publisher’s life there, share news and plans, introduce your authors. And another important thing is a clear and user-friendly section with cooperation opportunities for all potential partners or clients: bookshops, libraries and corporate clients; contacts of publisher’s principal departments.

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