Nobel Prize

Serhiy Zhadan was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature


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The Committee of Literary Studies of Polish Academy of Sciences nominated Serhiy Zhadan for the Nobel Prize in Literature. It is stated on the committee’s website.


«Zhadan is one of the most prominent poets in Ukraine, he’s a remarkable prose writer, whose works are translated into many languages and acknowledged with awards all over the world – we consider him to be deserving of the Nobel Prize. His voice as a poet for many years has been holding a special place in Ukrainians’ hearts. Free Ukraine in many ways speaks and thinks in Zhadan’s words, listens carefully to them. Today the poet is in his Kharkiv. And he is fighting»,reads the statement.


Also, in the appeal, the Literature Committee condemns Russia’s armed attack on Ukraine and calls for creating a space in Poland for scientists and teachers to continue their scientific work, even if Russia takes control of Ukraine: «In this military nightmare caused by the Kremlin, we stand with free Ukraine. Our hope tells us that Ukrainians will ultimately repel the aggression. May it happen as soon as possible. However, assessing the situation with a clear head, we should unfortunately take into account that the invasion can cause the occupation or establishment of the Kremlin’s puppet government. In that case, Russia will not only start exploiting Ukraine economically and resource-wise, but will also carry out intensive and aggressive Russification that will inevitably affect universities, especially in the humanities».


The appeal states that in case of occupation of Ukraine, Poland should create the possibility of temporary springboard of free Ukrainian universities at Polish universities. The country can provide classrooms, dormitories, social security and job opportunities.


The Committee of Literary Studies remarked that it is not planning on including Ukrainian scientists and students into the Polish academic system, and that it is of great importance to preserve the autonomy of Ukrainian scientific research. 


«Today, we have to make special efforts for Ukrainians to feel as a part of Europe and the free world. Literary and cultural research with its social impact is an optimal tool in this matter also because humanities, which are our field, are not only effective, but also require comparatively small financial investments. We need a library, a lecture hall, and a piece of paper or a computer with access to the Internet – all of which we have in Poland and could easily share», –  stressed in the Polish Academy of Sciences.


It was reported that the Committee of Literary Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences created a team to determine the organizational, legal and financial possibilities for the implementation of the idea of a Ukrainian university in emigration, which would be based within the network of Polish universities.


«Free Ukraine concerns us, too, therefore all of us are trying to  help Ukrainians. Also, as scientists, we should take the responsibility of substantial help to the academia of Ukraine. It’s about human and ethical dimensions, as well as geopolitical. Maintaining Ukraine in the orbit of European culture is the matter of our security in Poland and in Europe, since protracted war in Ukraine or the occupation of Ukraine is not the worst case scenario», – was noted in the statement.


Serhiy Zhadan is a Ukrainian writer, translator, public figure, volunteer, frontman of music bands. He’s a winner of Vasyl Stus Prize, Angelus Award, Derek Walcott Prize and other awards.


It should be recalled that in 2021 the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature was the Tanzanian writer Abdulrazak Gurna.


163 Nobel laureates, including Orhan Pamuk, Herta Mueller and Kazuo Ishiguro, reportedly expressed their support for the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian aggression.