russian-ukrainian war

The printing house in Kharkiv shelled by russians


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As a result of Kharkiv being shelled by russians on July 31 the printing house was damaged. This was reported by the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine on its Telegram channel.

The house is almost ruined. The extent of damage and the number of casualties are to be specified.


The books were thrown away from the printing house by the blast wave. Folio publishers alone was about to print 27 titles there. Most of the books were semifinished, i.e., not bound yet.



Besides, the office of Kharkiv regional organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine was also damaged.


The printing house is an administrative building and also a polygraphy facility. It is located on Heroiv Kharkova avenue in Nemyshlianskyi district.


It should be reminded that on Easter the occupants shelled Kharkiv with “Grads”. As a result the logistics center of Ranok publishing house was shot. In addition, due to shelling Unisoft one of the biggest printing houses of Ukraine was damaged.


As it is known, russian bombardments also destroyed the Kharkiv school where the only Yesenin Museum in Ukraine had been housed.


Photo source: Suspilne Kharkiv