20% of journalists are covering the russian invasion on the front lines


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According to a survey by the Institute for Mass Information, 20% of journalists are covering the russian invasion from positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 11% are working in temporarily occupied territories. 

Of the journalists surveyed, 80% had never worked in combat zones prior to February 24, 2022. 


34% of journalists have safety protocols. 


19% are confident in their skills in applying a tourniquet and using a first aid kit. Another 68% have first aid training, but do not feel very confident applying it. 13% of journalists do not know how to provide first aid.


Almost all working journalists are writing about the consequences of the war and the social and humanitarian catastrophe.


Most respondents say they have noticed a change in attitudes towards journalists since the start of the war. 23.5% said that there were incidents of obstruction by ordinary citizens, another 17% said there was obstruction by the military or law enforcement agencies, and 13% had incidents at checkpoints.


The majority of Ukrainian journalists surveyed (73%) have remained in their cities after the start of the full-scale russian invasion. 27% were forced to leave, 5% of them are abroad.


Among those who went abroad, the most are in Poland (46%), Lithuania and Slovakia (13% each). 


A survey of journalists conducted by IMI a year ago (April 2021) showed that 71% of journalists planned to cover events in the war zone.


An anonymous targeted survey of media workers was conducted in April-May 2022. A total of 249 responses were received.


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Photo – Max Levin