211 schools destroyed or damaged by the Russian occupiers


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211 schools have been destroyed or damaged since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was announced by the Minister of Education and Science, Serhii Shkarlet, on the telethon.

The Minister said: «Terrible situation and terrible statistics. Today, we see that the number of destroyed or damaged schools increases every day. So far, I can say that these are already 211 schools, some of which are completely destroyed, some are damaged».


Shkarlet notes that after a two-week vacation, which was announced after Russia attack on Ukraine started, they plan to resume classes, as the educational process should not be interrupted:


«The educational process should not be interrupted and, as a lot of children left to the regions where there is still an opportunity to carry out the educational process, we will recommend starting it next week. Where there is no such opportunity, we will provide the opportunity for individual and distance learning», – the official added.


We would like to remind you that by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science, students who complete primary and basic general secondary education in 2021 / 2022 years are exempted from writing the State Final Certification.