35 libraries in Ukraine damaged by the russian occupiers


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The russian army has destroyed at least 4 public libraries and damaged 35 book collections, says Oleksandra Koval, the director of the Ukrainian Book Institute. 

The four destroyed libraries are in two regions and include the Chernihiv Youth Library and Donetsk Children’s Library.


«As for Mariupol, for which there is no data, we can assume that all the libraries have been destroyed and damaged. That’s almost 20 buildings. But there are probably more libraries, just not all local governments that we asked have provided us information», — said Koval. 


She added that according to the regional military administrations, up to 4,000 libraries are under occupation.  


According to the latest data from the Ministry of Culture, the russian army has damaged or destroyed 66 buildings of culture, theaters, libraries and historical buildings. As of May 13, the russian army had damaged or destroyed 27 libraries.  



Source: Interfax-Ukraine interview


Photo: Interfax-Ukraine