Acclaimed Ukrainian Chef Yevhen Klopotenko’s ‘Modern Recipes for Familiar and Forgotten Dishes’ to be released in the US and UK


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A book by Ukraine’s most internationally celebrated chef Yevhen Klopotenko will be published in the United States and the United Kingdom in May, according to his post on the Instagram. The Authentic Ukrainian Kitchen (Автентична кухня України) features 100 recipes of traditional Ukrainian kitchen with a modern twist.


“The recipes he collects in this book are the result of years of research into regional Ukrainian cooking. After training as a chef in France and cooking professionally in the UK, he returned to Ukraine with a desire to catalogue and promote his own national cuisine — free of influence from Soviet-era propaganda,” is written in the annotation to the book.


Voracious publishing hold international rights to the publication. In the UK, the book will be published by Little, Brown Book Group and Robinson Books (the rights were acquired by the managing editor Tom Asker from Meg Thompson literary agency).


“You’ll discover new cooking techniques and fresh approaches to fermentation. I’ll teach you new ways of cooking ordinary vegetables, the way we do it in Ukraine. The time has come to love authentic Ukrainian food: borshch, pampushky (dumplings), Lviv cheesecake and many other amazing Ukrainian dishes,” Yevhen Klopotenko said.



“You don’t often have a chance to work on a cookbook that is more about just food. Ievgen has done more than anyone else to showcase Ukrainian cuisine and culture to the world. I am really happy that Robinson will be publishing this incredible collection of recipes,” Tom Asker added.


You can pre-order the book under the link.


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