Fund to battle disinformation created in Ukraine 


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Ukrainian IT companies have set up a special fund – TruthFund – to battle information, the Ministry of Digital Transformation reported

They are looking to raise $20 million to continue the fight against russian propaganda.


«The pursuit of truth takes different forms, and on our side, we strive to deliver facts in every context. We have already produced 100+ campaigns aimed at breaking down the wall of disinformation and reaching the right people at the right time», — the fund’s founders say.  


The team is made up of Ukrainian tech and digital professionals who have been fighting russian propaganda since the first days of the war. They create visual content for social networks and the media. 


«Right now the fund needs support. That’s why we’ve launched a campaign to raise money to continue our work and build the necessary infrastructure to fight disinformation more effectively», — the Ministry of Digital Transformation said.  


You can learn more about TruthFund here. 


The fund was created with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). 


Other initiatives on the information front:


  • Dattalion – an open database with video footage from russia’s war against Ukraine.
  • Post to Stop War in Ukraine – a resource with key messages about the war in Ukraine translated into different languages.
  • We Are Ukraine – an English-language repository of truth about Ukraine.