Harry Potter

Harry Potter series to be removed from russian e-book apps


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J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books will no longer be available on the LitRes and MyBook e-book apps as of April 8, LitRes said in a statement

The series is being withdrawn on the decision of the copyright owner – Pottermore Publishing. 


«Unfortunately, we cannot influence the rights owner’s decision. But you can buy books from the LitRes series until Friday inclusive. Then the book files will stay with you forever, they can be read in the application and on the website “LitRes” or in any other reader», — says the statement on MyBook. 


Readers who have already purchased the e-book will have access to it for a month, but this function could be terminated at any time by the copyright owner. 

LitRes and MyBook – russian online services for book reading.


Russia is not on the list of countries where Pottermore Publishing books can be bought, although announcements about the books in russian are still on the website. 


The Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Book Distributors is calling for russian e-book apps to be blocked because of russian propaganda. Meanwhile, the russian publishers Eksmo and Alpina have opened access to books about dealing with stress to help russians “survive these difficult events.”  


Photo: screenshot from the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 


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