IMI reveals four Russian schemes to “denazify Ukrainian education”


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Russia is “denazifying education” in the occupied territories of Ukraine, which testifies to the deliberate genocide by the aggressor state. This is evidenced by the results of the study “How Russia destroys school education in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Results of the investigation” conducted by the Institute of Mass Information (IMI).


The so-called “denazification of education” is financed from the Russian state budget. The main curator of this process is the first deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergey Kiriyenko.


The main task of Russian teachers in the occupied territories is to destroy the national identity of Ukrainians through education. IMI identified more than 100 people — organizers and some perpetrators of this crime.


The researchers identified the following four ways of “denazification of education”:


  • recruitment of teachers;
  • “humanitarian missions” and student detachments;
  • “retraining” and “professional development” of collaborators;
  • terrorizing Ukrainian educators.


Russia has already brought over 800,000 pre-selected and prepared books to the occupied territories. In particular, these are pseudo-historical textbooks based on fakes about the “exploits” of the Russian military, books about Kyiv’s alleged “crimes” in the Donetsk region, and so on. One of the largest organizers and suppliers of such literature is the ruling United Russia party.


The Institute of Mass Information emphasizes that Russia’s attempts to introduce its education system in the occupied territories and, accordingly, all schemes and measures aimed at this should be considered in the context of cultural genocide against the Ukrainian people.


The Institute of Mass Information calls on Ukrainian law enforcement and the international community:

  • to amend the Criminal Code of Ukraine to create a provision that would provide for direct liability for Russian teachers who come to the territories temporarily occupied by Russia to destroy the national identity of Ukrainian children and impose the identity of the aggressor country on them through their education system;
  • to include Russian individuals and legal entities responsible for the illegal introduction of Russian education in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine in international sanctions lists;
  • to take into account the cultural aspect of genocide when recording Russia’s crimes against Ukraine, in particular those related to education.


To get acquainted with the lists of those responsible for the illegal introduction of Russian education in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

  • a list of organizers and accomplices of the crime;
  • a list of Russian teachers who have definitely worked or are still working in educational institutions of the occupied territories;
  • a list of collaborators and other perpetrators of the crime.


As reported earlier, Russians fine for children’s education in Ukrainian schools in the occupied territories.


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Photo: Sep. 1 in Russian-occupied Mariupol/Petro Andriushchenko