Russians in the occupied territories continue to confiscate Ukrainian books from libraries


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Russians continue to import their books into libraries in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, replacing the confiscated Ukrainian publications. 

According to The National Resistance Center of Ukraine, alleged “volunteers” are sent to the captured regions of Ukraine, where they distribute books on “the history of Russia” and “Russian fiction.” They are escorted by Russian soldiers.

The Center notes that Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories are not eager to read the literary works provided by their enemies.

Moreover, Russians do not guarantee security for their “volunteers,” who have no official status in the temporarily occupied territories. “Their families do not receive any financial assistance in case of an accident, which can happen to anyone who helps the invaders,” The National Resistance Center states.

Among the publications brought in by the Russians are The Black Book. Atrocities of the Modern Banderites — the Ukrainian neo-Nazis in 2014-2023 by Maxim Grigoriev & Mihail Myagkov, with a preface by the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, as well as history textbooks about the so-called “special military operation in Ukraine.”

It was formerly reported that the Russians in the temporarily occupied territories are establishing a propaganda network.


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Main image: The National Resistance Center of Ukraine.

Translation: Viktoriia Chubenko

Editing: Tanya Mykhaylychenko