Occupants plan to bring over 165 thousand propaganda books to Ukraine


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Russians plan to bring more than 165 thousand copies of propaganda literature to the libraries of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine by the end of the year to replace the seized Ukrainian books. This was reported by the National Resistance Center.

Members of the United Russia party are organizing the delivery of books. The occupiers are mostly bringing pseudo-historical books or literature about World War II. They are going to replace Ukrainian literature that they confiscate from libraries.


“As always, this is presented as the “will of the people”, as if the books are being replaced at the request of residents and as if they are being collected and handed over by ordinary Russians. However, in reality, most of the books are freshly printed and this is a deliberate policy of the enemy to Russify the region,” the National Resistance Center emphasizes.


As previously reported, Russians took 9,500 books in Ukrainian from libraries in the temporarily occupied Donetsk region. And in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, Russian invaders threw away books from library collections.