763 cultural sites in Ukraine have been damaged by russian attacks


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During the period from Feb. 24, 2022, to Jul. 25, 2023, russia damaged and destroyed 763 objects of Ukrainian cultural heritage. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

As a result of russian aggression, 105 sites of national importance, 595 sites of local importance, and 63 newly identified sites were damaged or destroyed.


The destroyed objects include 241 monuments of architecture, 218 of architecture and urban planning, 185 of history, 28 of architecture and history, 19 of monumental art, 17 of urban planning and monumental art, 18 of archeology, 27 of architecture, urban planning and history, 5 of urban planning, 2 of science and technology, 1 of landscape art, 1 of architecture, urban planning and monumental art, and 1 of architecture and monumental art.


According to the regional military administrations, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 23 monuments have been completely destroyed, 625 monuments have been partially damaged, and the extent of damage to 115 sites remains unknown.


Cultural heritage sites were damaged or destroyed in 15 regions:


Kharkiv region – 207 damaged or destroyed cultural heritage sites, Donetsk region – 100, Kherson region – 76, Kyiv region – 69, Odesa region – 69, Chernihiv region – 63, Zaporizhzhia region – 35 sites, Lviv region – 32, Dnipro region – 28, Luhansk region – 25 sites, Sumy region – 25, Mykolaiv region – 22, Khmelnytskyi region – 6, Vinnytsia region – 4, and Zhytomyr region – 2.


Earlier, it was reported that russians destroyed the largest library in Mariupol.


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