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In Donetsk region, a journalist and soldier Oleh Shemchuk went missing


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Investigative journalist from Zaporizhzhia Oleh Shemchuk, who had joined Ukrainian Army, went missing on September 15 when performing combat mission near the city of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast. This was reported by his relative Victoriia Ivanova on her Facebook page on September 25.

“Help us find a relative and a friend Oleh Leonidovych Shemchuk, born on 10.08.1994. Being a machine gunner of the 1 rifle squad of the 2 rifle company of the 1 rifle battalion of the military unit A0536, he went missing when performing combat mission in Bakhmut region of Donetsk Oblast,” posted Victoriia.


The information about Oleh missing in action was confirmed by the ex-editor of the project Nashi Groshi. Zaporizhzhia Yurii Sydorov.


Before russian full-scale invasion, Oleh Shemchuk worked for the project Nashi Groshi. Zaporizhzhia, cooperated with the NGO Zaporizhzhia Investigation Center and up until 2022 had been cooperating with Zaporizhzhia Investigation Project. He was also an aspiring writer.


It shall be reminded that the Director General of Blits-Info publishing house Volodymyr Chepovyi also went missing in action.


It has been reported earlier that in seven months of the full-scale war russia has committed 454 crimes against journalists and media in Ukraine.


Source: Institute of Mass Information