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In Italy, money is raised to print 5000 books for kids from Ukraine


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The Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and the Federation of European Publishers will transfer 5000 books in Ukrainian to kid and teen refugees from Ukraine. This was announced on the AIE website.

The books will be printed by Rubbettino Print.


“We are a publishing partner to more than a hundred publishers all over the Europe, we had to help Ukrainians and we did what we do best. That is just a little flicker of light in the middle of the night. But it gives hope that there will be a lot of such flickers to light up the darkness,” said the Director General of Rubbettino Print Marco Rubbettino.


The AIE President, Ricardo Franco Levi told that the initiative is aimed at supporting the connection with Ukraine. And the Italian Publishers Association not only raises money to print and promote books but also encourages their fellow publishers to join.


Under the program a thousand copies of 5 Ukrainian books will be published. For this, Ukrainian publishers provided electronic versions of the books for free.


“To give kids a book is to give them the normality, even in a complicated situation like this when they as refugees flee from war. The book is also an extra educational instrument for children and teachers,” pointed the Emilia-Romagna regional cultural advisor Mauro Felicori.


“We are glad to take part in this initiative. That allows us to stay close to young Ukrainians, giving them support through the cumbersome process of adapting to the new reality they are living in. The books will be spread among Ukrainian families sheltered by Italians as a part of a welcoming project. We also hope that this will be an additional opportunity for cultural exchange,” said Valentina La Terza, the program manager of Refugees Welcome Italia.


To donate follow the link. The crowdfunding is organized with the support of Ukrainian Book Institute and association Refugees Welcome Italia, that delivers the books to distribution outlets and authorities of the land Emilia-Romagna in Italy.


So far, thanks to the crowdfunding, €52000 has been raised.


Let us remind that Italian publisher Mucchi Editore has created the anthology of Vasyl Stus’ and Marina Tsvetaeva’s poetry which caused resentment among Ukrainian cultural community. The publisher Besa muci released the collection of modern Ukrainian prose Negli occhi di lei («In her eyes»).


Photo: openculture