John R. R. Tolkien

In Lviv region, hobbit-house-like shelters might be built


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In Lviv region, a local company patented the concept of shelters in the form of “hobbit‑holes”, houses of fantasy people from the books of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. That was announced on the website of a company Industrial LV.

The project authors assert that the “Hobbit House” technology has already passed all necessary tests and is ready to be used. Such a name is given to the shelters because of the visual resemblance to the hobbits’ houses-holes (smials) from J. R. R. Tolkien’s books.


Modular “Hobbit Houses” are needed to provide all organizations and schools with bomb shelters.



Modules are made of B35-B40 grade concrete, the category of particularly heavy concrete. The shelter should be deepened one meter below the ground level. The height of the mound is 2.1 meters.


One shelter can accommodate from 8 to 146 people, depending on the type and layout options of the modules. The shelters themselves can be equipped with sitting areas, bathrooms, closets for storing things and products, and water dispensers.



Read more about the technology at the link. The idea belongs to Industrial LV and Hobbit House companies.


It shall be reminded that in 2021, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien was published with a series of drawings and sketches created by the author of the book.