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In Warsaw, the performance for children based on How War Changed Rondo is on stage


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The Warsaw Puppet Theater Gulliver is hosting the performance based on the Ukrainian book How War Changed Rondo by Art Studio Agrafka (Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv). This was announced on the theatre’s website.

Anita Piotrovska is the director of the play.


The story tells about a fictional country Rondo that was strongly affected by the war.


“Once upon a time, Rondo was a perfect place, a little paradise – flowers played concerts in the greenhouse and people lived with them in complete harmony. Until a cloud flew in and took the sun away from the city. The immersed in darkness inhabitants, in particular, the main characters – Danko, Fabian and Zirka, try to recreate the city as it was before the disaster. The effort to remember the city and their own experience related to special places help them to create the machine through which they will try to reconstruct Rondo,” stated in the announcement of the play.


The premier of the play took place on September 17th. Its duration is 55 minutes. To see the cast, click here.


You can buy tickets at the link.


The event is being held within the 12th festival of modern music for children Little Warsaw Fall and the 65th festival of modern music Warsaw Fall with co-financing from the Foundation of the Warsaw Institute of Culture and the Foundation of Assistance to Culture of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.


The project is carried out within the Art Residence program for authors from Belarus and Ukraine from The Zbigniew Rashevsky Theater Institute.


In Ukrainian, How War Changed Rondo was published by The Old Lion Publishing House in 2015. The book received several awards, among them Bologna Ragazzi Award, and was included in the annually published catalogue of children’s and youth literature The White Ravens 2015. It was translated into several languages, such as Italian, French, Slovak, Armenian and Bulgarian.


As was reported before, How War Changed Rondo received the Extraordinary Book 2022 Award at the International Literature Festival Berlin, and earlier this year the book was added to the list of the best books of the year by the most influential American book review magazine Kirkus Reviews. In addition, it also released a review of the publication.