Journalists from 92 countries condemn russian propaganda


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The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has unanimously passed the resolution «Russian Disinformation and War in Ukraine», with 92 countries supporting it at the 31st IFJ Congress in Muscat, Oman.  

At the Congress, Ukraine’s representative Serhiy Shturkhetskyy, head of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, was elected as a reserve member of the IFJ Executive Committee from Europe.  


«This resolution is one more step towards the clear distinction between journalism and propaganda. In this case, Russian disinformation resulted in genocide in Ukraine», said Shturkhetskyy.


The resolution states:  


  • Condemnation of the position of russian-controlled state media, which conceal and justify the war of the russian federation against independent and sovereign Ukraine and deliberately mislead russian citizens.


  • Pro-Kremlin media are silent on: the fact that Russian soldiers are committing numerous war crimes; there are significant Russian losses; information that the greatest damage in Ukraine is suffered by civilian objects – schools, hospitals, museums and residential buildings. 


  • Most of the Russian media incite hysteria and hatred. The Congress calls on the executive authorities to investigate all allegations made under domestic rules within two months of receiving relevant complaints.


  • Starting from February 24 and during March, April and May 2022, the scale and degree of misinformation by the russian federation increased. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the russian authorities have put extreme pressure on journalists. One or two members of the media dared to courageously resist this. Many others were forced to flee russia. The Congress expresses its admiration for those russian journalists who have expressed their disagreement, and promises its support to those who feel compelled to leave russia.


  • The Congress condemns the russian government for using a law that effectively intimidates and persecutes journalists for simply doing their job.


  • The Congress expresses its support and solidarity with the Russian Union of Journalists and Media, which recently became a member of the IFJ. The organization supports 15 people and 3 journalists who are currently in russian prisons.


  • The Congress commends the actions of the IFJ Executive Committee for its prompt and appropriate action to assist journalists in Ukraine.


  • The Congress calls for continued support for independent journalists in russia as well as its branches in Ukraine – the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine and the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine; stepping up its campaign in support of the principle that truthful, pluralistic, transparent information is vital to achieving a peaceful and just world.



Earlier, the Mediarukh community of Ukrainian media, journalists and NGOs appealed to the International Federation of Journalists to strip the Russian Union of Journalists of its membership. This issue was raised at the Congress. 


Call for TV presenters who for many years spread Kremlin propaganda in Ukraine to be excluded from national TV marathons and other media marathons. 


Source: Detector Media

Photo: International Federation of Journalists