Ghost of Kyiv

Manga about the «Ghost of Kyiv» to be published in Japan


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A manga has been made in Japan about the «Ghost of Kyiv» – the Ukrainian pilot who shot down dozens of enemy planes during russia’s war on Ukraine. It is being distributed by Melonbooks

The Japanese comic book is to be released on May 5 and will cost 785 Japanese yen (approximately $6).


The author, who goes by the pseudonym Matsuda Heavy Industries, has made 21 works on military topics: Maria of Na miracle, Third flight Resonator, May Day Isoroku Yamamoto, and others. 


«This is a manga where the Russian Air Force will be. Anti-aircraft missiles that suddenly attack, Stingers and… will the Russian Air Force be able to gain air supremacy over Kyiv in 48 hours», – wrote Matsuda.


Melonbooks is a Japanese bookstore selling comics, anime and video games. It was founded in 1998 and has the largest collection of comic books in Japan.   


Poets from 53 countries (including Japan) are showing their support of Ukraine by publishing a collection of poetry called Poetry for Ukraine. Meanwhile, an anthology of Ukrainian poetry is being published in Georgia, and a bilingual anthology of poetry about the war in Ukraine was published in London.    


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