Patreon will not charge funds from Ukrainians for using the platform for three months


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Patreon, an online platform for supporting artists with subscriptions, will temporarily cancel the usage fee for Ukrainian creators. The platform announced this in a letter to Ukrainian Patreon users.

Platform fees deducted from creators’ profits will not be debited from March 1 to May 31.


«We know that now humanitarian organizations, journalists and artists are doing important work in Ukraine. Many of them face financial difficulties as a result of the Russian invasion. We hope that the cancellation of these fees will partially reduce the burden and help support journalists, creators and organizations in Ukraine», – Patreon noted in the letter.


The platform also reported that it exists to build communities, and its community is experiencing pain. «The determination shown by the Ukrainian people has crossed borders and inspired the world», – the statement reads.


It should be noted that on February 25, Patreon removed the page of the Ukrainian volunteer military foundation «come back alive», arguing that the platform’s rules do not allow raising funds for the purchase of military equipment or «support of violence».


At the time of deleting the page, the foundation was supposed to receive more than 250 thousand dollars a month to support the Ukrainian army.  The organisation did not receive the funds already collected after closing the page, and they were returned to the patrons.


Recall that the Polish Association of writers and female writers Unia Literacka calls for developing a system of scholarship assistance for artists from Ukraine who are located in Poland. Famous writers encourage donating funds to help Ukrainian refugees and orphans.


In addition, Ukrainian bookshops and publishing houses open access to books. Among them are Yakaboo, Astrolabe Publishing, The Old Lion Publishing House.