Russian teachers received guidelines on how to explain the war against Ukraine to students


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Teachers in the Russian Federation received written guidelines with detailed instructions, specifying how exactly they should speak to children about the war against Ukraine. Russian media «Mediazone» got hold of one of those guidelines.


On March 1, Russian schools should give lessons on war, where the teachers will retell to the students of 7th-11th grades, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s «theses» justifying his so-called «special military operation» in Ukraine and condemning any calls for anti-war protests.


We are told that such lessons will be performed in the schools of Moscow, Kaluga, at Sakhaline and in Tula regions at the very least.


Those printed guidelines with instructions are sent centrally through the school’s administrations.


The journalists of «Mediazone» did not publish any photos of the paper version of the guideline, but claimed that the full text is now on their web-site.


Along with the other information there one could read that «Ukraine as a state appeared on the worldˋs map only in the XX century», Russians and Ukrainians are claimed to be «one nation» and that in 2014 «nationalists performed a state coup in Ukraine» that Donbass region was against and thatˋs why Russia is now «helping» this territory. 


The guideline claims war against Ukraine to be just a «special pacifying operation» that aims to «bring down the nationalists that oppress the russian-speaking community».


At the same time, the guideline states that Russia donˋt have any plans to occupy Ukraine and will not instate «nothing and to no one» forcefully.


Those instructions also focus on the «threat» of Ukraine creating nuclear weapons and on the «threat» of NATO expansion that endangers Russia. The propagandistic guideline proposes to tell the students that in December 2021 Russian Federation tried to negotiate with the USA and its allies on the principles of security in Europe, preventing NATO expansion, but had failed and after that the Russian government had no other choice but to send troops into Ukraine.


Earlier we reported that the Ukrainian importer of books was denied the right to import five children’s books from Russia for they contained propaganda of the aggressor state.


As we informed earlier, in the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity of Kharkiv and Poltava preschool children were instructed from the books printed in russian.