Russians have caused upwards of $5 billion in damage to Ukraine’s education system 


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The russian federation has caused more than $5 billion in damage to Ukraine’s education system, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Serhiy Shkarlet said during telethon.

«From the start of the russian invasion, russians have completed destroyed 91 educational buildings and partially damaged 923 buildings», — said the education minister. 


The government will adopt a special program to rebuild destroyed educational facilities. The Ministry of Education and Science is also hoping for support from the European community. 


«I visited lyceum #25 in Zhytomyr. It’s awful when children’s notebooks, school records, scientific materials are lying all burned. It is impossible to accept», — Serhiy Shkarlet added.


As of April 9, russian occupation forces had damaged 36 educational facilities in the Kyiv region alone. 


In March, Ukraine terminated all agreements with Russia involving education and science.