Stephen King

King: In Putin’s war against Ukraine, it is important, that the Russians understand what is happening


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Stephen King, the American writer, urged to break down the «wall of disinformation» in the Russian-Ukrainian war. He wrote about this on his Twitter.


He noted: «This is Putin’s war. Women and children are dying at his hands. It’s vital that the Russian people understand this is happening».


The author called for reading information under the hashtag #PutinLies 



He also compared the development of the war to Ken Follett’s novel «Never»: «This is exactly Follett’s doomsday scenario: slow but steady escalation with no off-ramp».


Apart from that, King noted that Russian television is similar to the public information system in George Orwell’s «1984» novel.


The author also wrote: «Ukraine now. Ukraine – forever».


It should be noted that Stephen King previously supported Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war. First, he compared Ukraine to a smaller child in the fight with Russia, a bigger child. He stated that supporting a smaller child is the «right thing». Then Stephen posted a photo of him in a T-shirt with a print in support of Ukraine. He noted that he made an exception because he does not usually post pictures of himself.


In addition, he backed out of his Russian contracts. Such a move inspired several world-famous writers to follow his example.


In 2018, Stephen King called for the release of Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov, who was illegally imprisoned in Russia.