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StopFake will be added to the archive of the US Library of Congress


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The United States Library of Congress will include internet-project StopFake in its web archives. This was announced by StopFake on their Facebook page.

The content of the website will be archived as one of the “unique historical sources that shows the evolution and threats of russian propaganda and disinformation in detail”.


Materials will be available for analytic research all over the world.


StopFake is a Ukrainian fact-checking projects founded in 2014. It leads anti-propaganda movement. The project was initiated by the lecturers, alumni and students of The Mohyla School of Journalism and National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy. In 8 years since its launch StopFake website has gathered tens of thousands of examples of russian lies that lets trace the evolution of information crimes committed by russians.


The Library of Congress preserves important cultural artifacts and provides enduring access to them. The crucial task of web archives is to store the information that could otherwise be lost. Except their own collections of web-archive the Library of Congress also cooperates with other organisations in order to record the events taking place in the US and all around the world. In most cases the access is granted through partner organisations.


In the collection of the Library’s archives there’s already an archive dedicated to russian war in Ukraine (Ukraine Conflict).


It shall be reminded that earlier this month Chytomo was also included in the Library of Congress archive.


As has been reported before, the initiative Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online gathers the data and archives the web sites of Ukrainian cultural organisations so that they could be restored if needed.


Photo: StopFake