The Economist published illustrations of Ukrainian about life in blackouts


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The famous British newspaper The Economist has published a series of illustrations by Ukrainian artist Maria Kinovych about the way life in Ukraine has changed after the start of russian shelling of critical infrastructure. The illustrator reported this on her Twitter page.


“What an irony to draw something about the blackout during the actual blackout without electricity, water, mobile connection, and heating. Still, all these are minor inconveniences compared to the russian occupation,” Kinovych wrote.


In an exclusive comment to Chytomo, she said that working on this comic was “fun”: “I sent the sketches at 12 am on Wednesday and about an hour and a half later there was a massive shelling. My house lost electricity for three days and water and heating for two days.  It was stressful that all everyday things took three times longer and it was exhausting, but you have a deadline and you need to get ready. And it’s ironic to finish drawing pictures about the blackout during the blackout. It felt like a tragicomedy, when you laugh all the time, but the reason is so-so.”


According to Kinovych, she managed to finish the work because the building where she rents the studio had the electricity back, so she worked there.


The illustrator said that working with The Economist is pleasant, but very intense: “I received a request for work on Tuesday evening, the finals had to be handed in on Friday, the sketches had to be shown on Wednesday or at most Thursday morning.”


“I like the fact that it is no longer a commissioned work, but your personal expression on a certain topic. You feel that you are trusted to do it the way you see fit, nothing is really edited,” says Maria.

Earlier, The Economist had already published illustrations by Maria Kinovych about the life of Ukrainians during the war.


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Illustrations by Maria Kinovych