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The number of books published in Ukraine has halved in a year — Book Chamber


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During the year, the number of books published in Ukraine decreased by 8,532 titles, and the number of copies decreased by 16,473 thousand. This is evidenced by data from the Book Chamber of Ukraine.


As of February 6, 2023, 8,716 books and brochures were published in Ukraine, compared to 17,248 a year ago. The number of publications decreased by 50.5%. Circulation has also dropped significantly: in 2021, it amounted to 25,652 thousand copies, and in 2022 — 9,178 thousand copies.


The number of books published in other languages also halved: in 2021, 1,731 books were published, and in 2022, 855. The total circulation in 2022 amounted to 349,3 thousand copies, which is 81% less than last year. In 2021, it amounted to more than 1,8 million copies.


In the year from February 6, 2022, to February 6, 2023, 714 books were published in Russian in Ukraine, compared to 2,210 last year. The total circulation of Russian-language publications decreased by 74%: from more than 1,9 million copies in 2021 to 487,9 thousand in 2022.


The number of publications in other languages is 855 books, which is almost half as many as in 2021. Circulation fell by 19%.


There is no data on publications in the languages of other indigenous peoples of Ukraine.


We remind you that according to the Ukrainian Book Institute, 74% of Ukrainian publishers can fully engage in their activities under the conditions of martial law.


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