The photos of Azovstal defender “Orest” received the first prize at international photocontest


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The photographs of Azove regiment’s press officer Dmytro Kozatsky (alias Orest), who only yesterday was released from russian captivity, recieved two awards at photocontest International Photography Awards. This was announced at the contest’s website.

The pictures took the first place in the category Editorial / Press/War / Conflict, and the third in the category Editorial / Press/Photo Essay / Feature Story.


“I think the world held its breath as the Russians relentlessly attacked the Azovstal steel mill, the last holdout of a devastated Mariupol. This essay took great courage, and it shows great courage in the face of war,” said a member of jury Michael Zajakowski, Chicago magazine’s photographer and a co-founder of Prism Photo Workshop.


The series of pictures The Light will win was taken inside the Azovstal, the steel plant that was a stronghold and served as a shelter for thousands of people, when Mariupol was being sieged and destroyed by the Russian army during spring 2022.


Dmytro Kozatsky posted his farewell pictures from Azovstal plant on May 20. He also asked to send those pictures to journalistic and photo contests.


“If I win anything, I’ll be pleased after returning home. Thank you all for support. See you,” he tweeted.



International Photography Awards is an annual competition for professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive photo competitions in the photography world today. The prize fund for the winners reaches $200 thousands.


It shall be reminded, that Dmytro also received both gold and silver at the Prix de la Photographie Paris exhibition for this same series. And Ukrainian journalists received the 2022 Knight International Journalism Award for their coverage of Mariupol siege.


Photos: Dmytro Kozatsky