The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University published Aseyev’s book about the concentration camp in Donetsk


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Stanislav Aseyev’s book “The Torture Camp on Paradise Street” was published in English. The writer announced this on his Facebook page.


“The Torture Camp on Paradise Street” was translated by Zenia Tompkins, the founder of the Ukrainian literature translation agency TAULT, and poet Nina Shevchuk-Murray.


The book was published as part of a series dedicated to publishing Ukrainian literature in English translation by the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University. In addition to “The Torture Camp”, it includes Aseyev’s collection “In Isolation” translated by Lidia Wolanskyj.


“So, the main book of my life — “The Torture Camp on Paradise Street” — is available for purchase at the link below. As you can see from the content, there is no fictional plot in it: it is a non-fiction book describing the events in the Russian concentration camp “Isolation” in Donetsk. On the first and last pages of the book there are real photos of the doors to the basement of Isolation. These doors are still open. That is why “The Torture Camp” is also an answer to the question of why this war is still going on,” wrote Aseyev.


The cover of the English edition was created by the creative workshop Agrafka.

You can buy the publication for $20.


Also, “The Torture Camp on Paradise Street” was presented at Harvard.

“The Torture Camp on Paradise Street” is about Stanislav Aseyev’s two years as a prisoner at the secret prison organized by the DNR terrorist organization in the former Izolyatsia factory and art center in Donetsk. The book was first published in 2020 by The Old Lion Publishing House in Ukrainian and Russian.


It shall be reminded that earlier the English translation of “The Torture Camp” was issued for distribution among diplomats.


The book was also translated into Polish and Latvian.


Images: Facebook of Stanislav Aseyev and Oleg Kotsyuba, books.huri.harvard.edu