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A new word – «ukrained» – has appeared in the English dictionary for slang words and phrases – Urban Dictionary.

Users suggested the following definitions:


  • when you are Russia and you invade a country and the response is humiliation on a global forum;
  • when the world’s 2nd largest kleptocracy, led by mentally challenged and incompetent apparatus, decides to invade its peaceful neighbour and ends up getting slapped so hard their economy travels back in time to the stone age;
  • when some awful stinky guy is trying to bully you and ends up getting owned so hard his grandchildren will pass on the shame to their grandchildren;
  • when someone who is supported by others opposes the aggressor, the aggressor eventually breaks him down, and the one who resists finds that the supporters he hoped for are gone.


It is background on Ukraine, the site notes that «Ukraine, most often erroneously called “The” Ukraine, is a country in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is not Russia & Russia is not Ukraine».


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