Ukrainian books to be available in German bookstores 


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The books of eight Ukrainian publishers will be available in the German bookstore chain Hugendubel Buchhandlungen. This was announced by the Ukrainian Book Institute on its Facebook page.

Those are the books from the following publishers: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers, Artec Publishing House, Veselka, Old Lion Publishing House, Kartush, Lybid, Mystetstvo and Folio


Ukrainian books entering the German market became possible due to the cooperation  of Ukrainian book portal Book-on-Demand and the network of German bookstores.


“Two months ago, we were drafting the contracts, cause getting into this powerful network is pretty difficult. But there are a lot of Ukrainians in Germany at the moment – about a million people. Among them there are a lot of active people who go to the stores and ask for Ukrainian books. So, we brought them, we’ve already delivered the first lot of 3 000 books, and are preparing for the next shipment,” tells Serhii Ponochovnyi, the head of the project and the founder of the Book-on-Demand portal.

Apart from Ukrainian books, Book-on-Demand plans to provide German translations of Ukrainian titles, and is also negotiating the possibility of holding literary events, such as book presentations, author’s performances, lectures etc., in German bookstores with Ukrainian authors.


Hugendubel will sell Ukrainian books not only in its stores but also to the libraries it is actively cooperating with and they will also give these books to kindergartens, schools, and refugee centers.


Hugendubel is one of the biggest bookstore chains in Europe. It has over 100 stores in Germany and German-speaking countries.


It shall be reminded that the libraries of eight Austrian cities have been stocked with Ukrainian books.


As it’s been reported before, in six months of full-scale invasion of Ukraine within the project Ukrainian Books for Ukrainian children, Ukrainian publishers have donated to various foreign institutions almost a million books.


Photo: Ukrainian Book Institute and Hugendubel