Ukrainian media outlets receive NewsGuard ratings in push for industry standards


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A group of 25 Ukrainian news media outlets, including Chytomo, published transparency reports and received ratings from NewsGuard, a system for rating the credibility of news websites. 


The tally is the result of an effort by Paris-based NGO Reporters Without Borders to include Ukrainian outlets in the NewsGuard system and in their “Journalism Trust Initiative,” a broader set of industry standards concerning news production.


“Many Ukrainian media have demonstrated high journalistic standards despite horrible work conditions, both in terms of reducing revenues and operational difficulties. This proves that it’s possible to maintain the highest standards even in the most difficult times, and that standards matter,” said Chine Labbe, Managing Editor and Vice President Partnerships, Europe and Canada at NewsGuard, according to a press release.


Reporters Without Borders implemented a process called “The JTI Emergency Protocol” to help Ukrainian news sites get accreditation quickly. Other Ukrainian outlets rated recently by NewsGuard include Hromadske, Detektor Media, the Village Ukraine, Kyiv Post, and Suspilne.


These outlets are now in line to receive full JTI accreditation, which entails having an external, independent auditor verify their transparency report. Reporters Without Borders will distribute grants to select participants to cover the cost of the audit.


While NewsGuard has a paid app for users to see ratings, most of the company’s revenue comes from licensing scores to advertising firms and tech companies, including Microsoft.


Chytomo received one of the higher NewsGuard ratings in the group—a 92.5 out of 100. Points were only deducted under the category “Clearly labels advertising.” Chytomo does not run ads.

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